We have a PDF of a map of the campus with some indications of important places.


University Housing

We have made arrangements for an affordable housing option, in single-occupancy air-conditioned dorm rooms on campus—with an individual bathroom shared between every two dorm rooms. These rooms are located in Scully Hall, and cost $63/night.

Click here to access the registration form for Scully Hall dorm rooms.

View of Scully Hall

As the dorms are not hotels, there are no housekeeping service (or elementary toiletries, such as shampoo, hand soap, etc.). A small pillow and flat bedsheet will be provided—but please consider bringing your own pillow and a Twin XL fitted sheet for extra comfort. Finally, quality free Wi-Fi is available throughout the campus, including in the dorm rooms.

Below are images that illustrate what you may expect from one of these rooms:

Dorm room, viewed from entrance

Dorm room, viewed from window

Shared bathroom, in between two rooms